Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit or Time flies ! It sure does. And nowhere does time fly faster than inside a college.May be in a school. There will be enough people who will readily take up this debate but i am in no mood to spark off a debate on my blog. May be later. But not now.
Four years of stay at IIT are now officially over. Unofficially i already hold the BTech degree. One more year and i would be a postgrad-the so called advantage of being a dual degree student. Another debatable issue which should be mentally filed for future reference. Four years down the line and some things have changed drastically and irreverisbly. A lots of familiar faces are gone for ever. Not that i miss them much- those left behind more than compensate. What awaits is one year of a princely existence. No classes. Absolutely nothing. A dual degree project carrying abnormally high credits to keep you occupied. What this ends up doing is it affords you infinite time to retrospect, introspect and circumspect- not necessarily the last one and not necessarily in that order. But like every other civilised beast i must retrospect and more importantly blog about it. What went wrong during my 4 years stay at IIT ? Academically ? Everything. Almost that is. I screwed up my acads badly- its very voguish these days to make such a statement. You are considered a cool-dude-who-doesn't-give-this-world-a-damn. So much so that even 8 point someones love to make such grand statements. Before you start growling,barking and woofing, i must point out that there are also many honourable exceptions to this phenomenon where people are actually proud of their academic assets. To get back to the point, i have 'screwed' up my acads in the truest sense of the word. And I DO feel bad about it specially as the job season inches closer.
I didn't do a zilch on the sports scene. And I DO NOT feel bad about it. Simply put, i am not cut out for any sporting activity. I did play quite a lot. But that was the kind which does not lead to your CV enhancement. Cricket in the wing- i prided myself as a bowler. People called me Nainital Express because they got great kicks out of it. Bowling was the preferred option- not because i can do magic with the red cherry- the dirty yellow tennis wala in my case. But because it ensured you were not hit below the belt in that ungentlemanly format of the gentleman's game where the motto simply is 'Aim for the crotch. Everything else is an illusion'. Anything that was played in the wing had me involved as an active player-sometimes even as the sutradhar. The moment the scene shifted to anywhere but the wing, i was reduced to being a mute spectator. I did grumble and made few noises but then who gives a damn.
Dramatics was something that i always wanted to do. Did a few typical dram roles while in school. The kind where you walk all dressed up as a sainik (Not the Balasaheb version) - just one component of a large entourage that moved with the Rajah on the stage. Just to earn my one minute of fame. The blink-and-you-miss appearance where the only people interested in you are your doting parents. In IIT, i stayed away from dramatics considering it to be a sacred bastion-the one reserved for the real talents.I envy those who are good at dramatics. So i hardly envy a few in the institute. That sums it up all.
Did a lil bit of debating and a lil bit of creative writing here and there just for the heck of it-also cos it leads to resume enhancement.
I must have done lots of other things. Ok atleast, a few other things. But age is fast catching up. My memory is failing me. Another fashionable statement. To be honest, its late into the night or very early in the morning depending on which side of the divide your sleeping habit falls. Its 4:30 am.More updates of a demented mind will follow.But for now, its bon nuit. So long and thanks for all the fishes !!


Aneesha Pillai said...

Me first :D

Lolzz..Dat bought back ol' memories ;)....about an year back,when I decided to note down things for my CV...and in my attempt to find something to put in sport section, I scanned through all my certis only to find a couple of "lemon and spoon" certis!

Nice post..light hearted and as always ...garnished with delectable humour :D

prachi said...

Wowz wowz wowish! i simply loveee ppl who can write and talk sarcaxtically.. just adorez them. Man! this was a truly rockin post..thtz da least i can say. Keep writing like this and believe me, you dont have a bigger fan of you n your writingz than me .Chillax :)

exclusively_me said...

" So long and thanks for all the FISHES !! "

Seems like u WERE very sleepy the time u wrote up this post...

SaI KRisHna said...

he he sale ... u mocked a lot many people there... very subtle though but i am seeing faces as i read it :D ... and u modestly covered a few more things :))......
well... leave a part few things i feel the same for the rest.

arunabh said...

First come, first serve :D
Wow ! You atleast managed certis in the 'lemon and spoon' event. I vividly remember being the only student in my class who cudn't actually finish the 'sack' race and had to become the butt of ridicule for days to come :( When i look back, i dont actually feel bad bout it :D
Keep visiting :)

Waah waah ..thanks! you actually managed to read into my sarcasm. Will keep writing while you can keep commentingz.. as you wud say ;)

i was just borrowing my favorite line from the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy and am being blamed for suffering from an irresistible bout of sleep.. Not fair :-|
keep visiting :)

It needs one bastard to recognise another. And when you said you could see faces, then i also started seeing some. Matter of fact, this was just a general post and i had no such faces in mind. But the evil tht u are, u actually made me see faces. Not that i mind ;) Kudos
keep visiting :)

Anonymous said...

bahut accha likha aapne. I enjoyed reading it. Ab main bhi blog karne ki soch raha hun. Aap guidance de dijiyega.. and i will shine like the sun :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Are you really that bad at sports and games ?
The best bit was the roles tht you essayed in dramas during school... liked it. Although you deserve to be a Rajah more than anyone else :D


Yashika Totlani said...

Dear Mr.Nainital Express,
This is to inform you that this one post of yours was very very introspective and you've (intentionally) failed to mention that quiz where you won the truckloads of goodies.

Nice re... and you're making me feel bad about my acads too :( Guess there's always scope for inprovement... and guilt-pangs.

Unassuming humour is back and how! Lovely 'come-back' post... i had a great time reading it. Oh and also, blog more often... we missed having you around here.


P.S. iv been thinking of buying the hitchhiker's guide but im literally broke! Lend it to me na!

arunabh said...

haan bacche thr :)
keep visiting :)

I also always believed and maintain it till date tht i was cut out for the Rajah's role but thn you know wht big fools the school drams teachers are :P
Keep visiting :)

No the miss/slip wasn't intentional. Just that i was in a self lambasting mood.. so it dint strike me thn. As i said, my memory is fast failing me :D
And no pretensions here !! You aren't at all bad at acads.. stop making voguish statements. You dont know how badly have i screwed up my acads :(
Gimme more ideas and i shall blog more often.. i have even lost my thinking power
Keep visiting :)

arunabh said...

Just forgot. About hgtg.. send me enough bucks so that i can handle the courier charges. Also send me enough refundable security bucks = price of the book.
Also a lil black money as commission and the book shall be delivered at your door

JITIN said...

first of all, its a pleasure to read ur posts again mr. blogger... its been a long time!
ah & how time flies, even my 4 college years have ended in a flash! & just like u i m also in a retrospective mood. U hv used humour as an efficient tool yet again. it was nice reading. & ya everyone wants to do things which can b flaunted on a CV.
keep it up buddy!
& all the best for ur placements too...

arunabh said...

thanks for everything :)
But the biggest thanks for the placement thingy ;) Will need all that real badly :(