Monday, December 08, 2008

Ode to Poker

It's often said that poetry is born out of a sudden spurt of genius. I confirm this to be true. A wholly different and debatable issue could be the quality of poetry produced as result of this sudden burst of 'talent' and 'creativity'. However, I would prefer leaving this issue of quality to the artsy people.
So, here's a hyperbolically exaggerated attempt at poetry; dedicated to that one totally entertaining long night of Poker which brought together seven dementedly bored people under the common umbrella of the crafty and bewitching game :-

The players climbed up the 'mighty' hill,
To test their strategies and skill;
The bugle was sounded at the sight of the moon,
The game wasn't ending anytime soon;

The greatest ever game of card,
Witnessed a battle fierce and hard;
Where every minute seemed like an hour,
Turned into a full fledged Poker war;
Decisions had to be made real quick,
The winner was taking limited risk;
For those who thought it was only ability,
Learnt Poker is more about Probability;

From seven, they were reduced to three,
The winner had them shrouded in total mystery;
And when everyone refused to believe,
He produced the ace up his sleeve;
Battle ended before they could have frowned,
Game over, the king had been crowned;
It was One against 'em All,
And he managed to stand tall;
In this very beautiful game of Poker,
He didn't turn out to be a choker;

Another day might well see a new start ,
Poker after all is Science mixed with art;
The battle was tough, the players all cracking,
A new day, A new winner in the making.

To fellow Poke(r)mons: You all rock! Better luck, next time :)


Yashika Totlani said...

oye joker, you won!?!? :O cant be :P

was playing cards (not poker though) with apartment mates in blore the other night. 3 hour game, time flew in a jiffy! managed to triple what id put in (though i must confess it was a measely amount)... the fun it afforded was priceless. a chance to glue well with all too.

im the artsy-fartsy ones and i proclaim that the attempt was actually rather sloppy :P no rhyme scheme, no rhythm. completely in sync with what we come to fitsoffantasy for... some laughs :)

keep going :) entertaining post :)

p.s. "pokermons" was nice =))

ME :D said...

And i thought you couldnt write poems!! You write really well :) Great going n keep it up! I'm hoping you ARE reading my blog! :P