Sunday, August 27, 2006

Not quite " Ok Computer "

Only those who have experienced the sort of deprived life that i am experiencing right now can correlate with this posting of mine . So go ahead and feel the mental agony and the harassment that i am going through since the day my "dabba" ( for the uninitiated "dabba" is the desi version for a computer) decided to play the rogue.
The script could not have been more wrong. You pass the entire gruelling, sucking, blood sapping monstrous week without a single holiday. Surviving the tough shedule in the hope that every cloud has a silver lining. The silver lining of a much awaited weekend when you can totally cut yourself off from the rigours of college life, cocoon yourself within the safe and cosy confines of your room and while away the weekend on your computer. The servers ensure that you keep getting the required dose of movies that are opium to a life inside the college campus. Living and loving on radiohead ( the title of the posting gives you enough hint how much i love radiohead) and phish. Ofcourse then there are the scraps on orkut that need to be checked urgently and replied to. And being offline on yahoo messenger is now ( ever since i got a "dabba" inside my room) a concept totally alien to me. Now, without beating around the bush for long i must confess that my "dabba" went bust this friday as soon as i returned to my room after discharging all my compulsory lab duties to the great dissatisfaction of my instructor.
It was working fine as all sane "dabbas" do but then all of a sudden there was a brief flicker and then it blacked out totally. I tried all the tricks in the book to breathe life back inot the system but to no avail. I tried switch swapping ( this is no technical jargon - i just tried to change the plugs into which went the wires), fiddled with the wires, dusted the fans and even cleaned the whole system in the hope that during the process it would just switch on; exactly as it had switched off.Feeling down and out, then came the time for some expert help. Lots of pleadings and requests later, a few men in the know of things landed up in my room for a brainstorming session. The technicalities simply bounced over my head but in a nutshell i knew it would cost me a bomb to get it back on all fours. Stuck up in a state of penury, i decided to accept my fate and condemn myself to a life sans my "dabba". I even tried to falsely console myself. Considering it to be a blessing in diguise, i thought this would give me a chance to dwell upon other important aspects of life which i had till now royally ignored. But then who was i trying to fool ? Could not dare to stand the separation from the "dabba" for a few hours. Looking for greener pastures, i started pestering my wingies for letting me use their systems for a while. Alas! when your comp goes bust people start doubting your sanity as far as handling of the sysem is considered. I was turned away by all and sundry on some pretext or the other. Now after so much of soul searching and pleadings, i finally got Jitu to part with his "dabba" ( he is damn possesive about it) and here i am sharing my mental agony with my so- innocent and some not-so-innocent readers. With Jitu breathing down my neck, i must conclude this blog of mine right now. I know some of you will be laughing and almost rolling on the floor with glee and delight when you come to know of my present state of distraught and agony. Still every dog has his day :( For the more concerned others, please feel free to pour in your suggestions to get my jobless "dabba" back to work


Anonymous said...

ohhh !! thats what i was wondering why there was this deathly silence prevailing on your blog. As someone who is genuinley concerned n all bout YOUr blog (:p) i request you to get it repaired soon. Not much of an idea about computers so no suggestions.
about the post - was REALLY FUNNY !!
no offences meant


Anonymous said...

both for ur post n about ur current situation ;)
and yepsie ruchika wud mind that but nt one to give a heck ... gud it happnd sooner. n its nt ur day ritey nw :d

Vardaan speaks so

Yashika Totlani said...

LOLZZZ...(plz dont kill me for mocking ur miserable state of affairs!). Man, an entire weekend without a comp?? Must heve been BAD! Anyway, werent IITians supposed to be engineers themselves??? LOLZZ again! Anyway, yeah, i could relate to the entire text! Have gone thru similar times myself! Sucks!

siddm said...

Very well written on what seemed to be a funny topic. So as iitians you know how to make light even the most terse situations. Keep blogging. Even i might start blogging soon egged and inspired by bloggers like you.

sai said...

ha ha ha .... remember the "so shall u reap" thingy ... u laughed at my plight once :D .... i am so happy

Deepti said...

life's a bitch and an ironic one too... i mean here is a blog from the indian institute of TECHNOLOGY telling us about the miseries of a comp gone bust... but u poor thing... the withdrawal symptoms will pass, u'll b ok!! u pavam thing :)

prachi said...

Hell what !! You cannot spare a few bucks from your pocket on getting your beloved computer working again ?
Wonder where does all your pocket money n all end up :o I found the post funny and was "rolling on the floor with glee and delight". But then why does it always happen to the good people :p


arunabh said...

am touched by your concern :p. Getting the comp back into business would cost me a fortune ( strictly by my standards). And right now am rlly running low on resources. Also it involves unbearable physical strain. So lets c .....

i am nt surprised by the reaction :x

thnx a lot. nice to see tht thr is someone who correlates with my current state. Yeah i did get bugged without my comp. And cmmon as i unabashedly said tht i don't have much of an idea about comps n all, so u dont expect me to get my comp working ??

gud ! do it soon. awaited

@ deepti
whats the big deal :o i am nt a hardware engineer. pray tht the withdrawal symptoms go away asap. i am rlly getting them rlly bad rite now

scrapbook chek kar. mercy droppeth like manna frm heaven/ If to err is human, then its divine to forgive n blah blah blah :d

sairah said...

i came across your blog as i was randomly going through different blogs. Think you write really very funny. But you haven't answered my query :(( Are you there on orkut ?

Anonymous said...

Had to comment anon as there was some problem man !


Nayan said...

kya karte ho comp ke saath ;) >:)
aisee waisee cheezein chaloge to yehi hoga =))

Steven said...

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