Saturday, August 19, 2006

Uncomfortably numb

I guess a lot must have been said and discussed on the blogosphere regarding Shakira's latest release "Hips don't lie". My opinion in this posting stems not from any critical appreciation of the song/video where she shakes her hips like nothing that i have seen or heard before.
Within two hours of my landing inside my hostel after the end of vacations, i realised that we were in the inextricable grip of what can be truly called a "SHAKIRA MANIA". Whichever room i dared to enter, i was reminded of the hitherto unknown fact that the hips don't lie. To bring me face to face with reality there were life size posters of the diva taking a peek at you from inside some of the rooms. The latest kid on the block was here - possibly the best thing to have happened to the world of pop music scene inside the campus since Las Ketchup took the campus by storm. Three months away from the campus and things had changed drastically. Shakira, who just three months back existed only for name's sake, has suddenly assumed an iconic status. And the tide simply refuses to ebb. Nothing before had so captured the imagination of so many inmates before. To an extent only Linkin Park's "In the end" can finish a close second but then it was not "quite so big!" . I don't have too many complaints with the particular video which i believe would have been a chart topper even without the lyrics - afterall its the "out of this world" shaking of the hips that keeps the fan mesmerised and hypnotised. Even if i had, how could it have been an issue of concern for anyone who matters ? Just sample this information that i managed with a bit of googling But it gets on my nerves when it takes on the role of the morning rooster with the hippy song pounding against my ear drums, making forays into my room through the window, through the door and even penetrating the walls. My pleas have fallen on deaf ears and its high time, i start accepting the song as a way of life. But if hips don't lie, then neither do my lips :(


Yashika Totlani said...

'If hips dont lie, then neither do my lips'... HAHAHA! This one had me rolling with laughter for a good 5 minutes(while the people here in the cafe thot i had lost my mind or something)! Fed up of the song and pleas falling on deaf ears... well the saying goes like... 'if u cant beat them , join them!' Anyway, hope this new album is better than that awful 'laundry service'... precious money down the drain! Also, shakira's booty seems more celebrated than J Lo's 'insured' ass... Man! just pray she doesnt reads ur post(yeah yeah, i know chances are almost nil!)... she'll hate shakira for having stolen her thunder!

Hg said...
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Hg said...

Well, thats campus mania for you. I don't know if its really the lure of shakira's swivelling hips or a case of suicidal lemmings.

But then that's what we are... conforming beings in a closed society. Waves of such mania grip us (who can forget the Allah ke bande mania or for that matter the friends mania?) The mania refuses to ebb for now... we are still affirming our identities in the context of shakiras hips.

But it will die.

Shakira will be forgotten and she will go back to her earlier anonymity.

The posters will gather dust and the video deleted. We have now treat entertainment for what it no longer is ashamed to be - a use-and-throw 'item'.

prachi said...

"Oh baby when you talk like that
You make a woman go mad"
There goes my compliment. So fabulously written and shows ur contempt for her. For someone who knows something about dance, i must tell you she isn't that bad, infact too good. But then don't kill me for saying that :(

Anonymous said...

Hey c'mmon shakira is simply awesome! How can you degrade her on your blog .. me goin flames n fires n fumes

An irregular visitor to your sometimes very regular/ sometimes very erratic blog. b'eve dis shud b enuf of a hint to catch me.if nt confess n i'll proudly disclose my identity - i the one who reigns supreme :d

arunabh said...

My blog still doesn't give my verdict on who being the more bootilicious of the two :d. And yes as i said i have started to accept it as "a way of life".

Man! i never thought this was getting so badly on your nerves .. well you have chosen the perfect platform to vent your spleen on shakira. She will receive the shock of her life is she manages to read my blog along with the comments :d

i never derided her dance. Its just that i cudn't stand the entire thing. i am nt some1 into the nitties and gritties of the world of dance .. so obviously i refrained from making any comments on that aspect. Waise thanks .. that adds another interesting info on my blog

i knw who u r :p

SaI KRisHna said...

that was cool be .... in fact i used to think strange of her before this video ... i mean the way her ass vibrates and the way she exploits the phenomena used to sound quiet wierd ... i found it strange ....but now !!! ... man!! i am a fan :D .... the wCup video is awesome be .... well heard even rumours of shakira being an IPhO qualifier .. ne comments on this .... google it out for me pls :P

siddharth_mohan said...

Shit !! Thats the fisrt word that comes to my mind when i see girls like shakira stooping to such low levels to attain popularity. This is the world of gross commercialization of the world and i know i should not be complining . But then such a thing compells to me to talk badly of the girl who would have been much better with less exposure and better lyrics rather.

sairah said...

Hey dude ! Are you there on orkut ??

arunabh said...

"vibrating ass" -- he he highly creative. haven't looked up google as yet, so clueless bout the ipho thingy. will let u know if i come across ne such news.

i hope u didn't find this posting of mine or comments thereof "very" obscene. We (the poster and the commenters) were just giving our take on the whole issue :(

why? is shakira so hot on my heels that she has even started to scan orkut :d

Anonymous said...

hey This is one of my favourite songs..the dance is really awesome. and best thing is that lyrics makes sense can you say something like this to the song which was performed at world's biggest sporting event? Don't you think there must be something good about the song?..At least say something positive about the song for me.. :)

arunabh said...

But i was actually effervescent in my praise of her when i said that she shakes her hips like nothing that i have seen before. Other than that i think it went well over my head or was simply beyond my comprehension. Most importantly was just a personal view. hope that sounds ok :)

Anonymous said...

awesome dude..this is an old post..but keeps one engrossed all through.and what a punchline to end with'If hips dont lie, then neither do my lips'...
baba tusssi great ho