Sunday, October 08, 2006

If i am not a weirdo, what the hell am i doin here ?

Life on the blogosphere becomes a hell when you have been tagged. The person who tags you proudly announces - "I have done it" . His role over, everytime you come across him you are reminded of the bitter truth. The ungrateful job you have landed with - living upto his tag. When you feel like blogging, you cannot! You have been tagged. So i have decided to put an end to this tagging business for good. So here i am.
Well, i have been asked to point out the 5 "most" weird things about me! How on earth do i know that ?? What might seem perfectly normal to me might be more than perfectly abnormal to you. "Weirdity" lies in the eyes of the beholder. I talked to a host of people which included my siblings, friends,romans n countrymen. But to my utter disappointment, i have been told that i am a perfectly normal dweeb . I did take offence to actually being labelled a dweeb by someone but then thats another story. Someone who is simply so "unweird" that it almost borders on boredom. Someone who is interesting only as long as you are not in intimate contact with him. Then i start becoming predictable, then a little boring, then more boring and then even drab. So after more than a week of analysis and inspired thinking, i have come upon the conclusion that, indeed, i am NOT AT ALL WEIRD !! The verdict has been delivered. No overrulings on my blog. Sincere apologies DADA - I tried like anything but failed to deliver. Anyways, thanks but no thanks! So long and thanks for all the fishes :)
PS: And people please do not bother tagging me again. I am well and truly done with this tagging business forever. And for good !


Nayan said...


" i am NOT AT ALL WEIRD !! "

Har pagal kehta hai , main pagal nahin hun :))=))

Dee Spake Trash Anyway... said...

tsk, tsk, what a thing to happen- when arunabh sinha has to say hez not weird!!! good point to raise that weirdity lies in the eyes of the beholder... and o yes welcome- to the not-at-all-weird club... and tags-well they'll come and go, good to simply say 'screw u' to them, no?

Yashika Totlani said...

You bet! Tags are SOOO irritating
(I played the scapegoat not long ago)! BTW, you sure you arent weird in even one aspect?!?!? I mean everyone I know is 'unique' (as I call it) in one way or the other. Hey, I know--- you are unique cause you can criticize anything and everything under the sun! And thats the beauty of knowing you :) Stay that ways, Arunabh.

SaI KRisHna said...

thanks for explaining the thing and making me realise that even i was once tagged and it meant this .... u arent wierd ...are u chhotu ;) !!!

arunabh said...

ek pagal hi dusroon ko pagal prove karna chahta hai :p
yeah just goin thru a tough blogging patch . don't worry - things will soon fall in place. n u can still consider me weird/eerie/spooky for what i term my "normal" behaviour ;)
n guess "screwing them" wud be the best way to handling these darned tags. thanks for the valueable suggestion :)

i was waiting for your reaction to this post after seeing how patiently you stood through the entire tagging business. I was still sure that it would have been equally painful to you. And i was correct. Alas i would prefer being addressed as "unique" rather than a "weirdo" :) n all this only goes on to prove that "weirdity" lies in the eyes of the beholder - wink !

arunabh said...

ok sai you have again ensured my sleep is delayed ! just consider this for the moment. suppose that i happen to be weird , then where does that leave you ?? - consider this from the most important angle - the porda point of view =)) =))

ps: chotu kaun hai ??

Anonymous said...

abey kuuch naya likh naa ... means yeh to exactly post nahi tha naa ?

sushobhan said...

weirdo. chotu, harry potter.wat else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arunabh said...

just keep a look on this space for furhter developments :p

exclusively_me said...

heya there arunabh..! came across ur blog thru yashika..and i quite like ur style of writing and sense of hope you dont mind if i add ur link to my blog..!
and btw i was the one who tagged yashika...tht gurl shud b grateful..she wasnt even aware of what tagging was...!
anyways..WHAT? not weird..? thats the weirdest thing of all..!
cheers !!

arunabh said...

my pleasure :)
and thanks for all the praise you heaped upon me. will be checking your blog very soon

Jitin said...

well u call him DADA... i call him subi... & one thing is for sure arunabh that from my 3 years experience, i know that he is a really fantastic judge of people around him... & if he thinks ur weird than it must be true??? But, ofcourse u hv hit the bulls eye when u point out that it all lies in the eye of the beholder...
well i liked this post bcoz it was different from the other two that i hv read till now...