Thursday, January 11, 2007


Prelude : This post has been inspired by some of my close buddies who have, oft late, been bitten by the fitness bug. Partly, this post also stems from my own lack of interest (read that as inability) to join the fray. This is attributable to a host of reasons - sloth, sloth and even greater sloth. All incidents mentioned in this post are real and any resemblance to any event/person living are purely deliberate and not at all coincidental.The semester has just commenced. There is still more than a month to go before there is even a whiff of any exam. This translates into the students being infinitely 'lukkha' with not much (actually nothing) to do. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. And one of the most healthy and rewarding ways to utilise this unexpected abundance of time is to hit the roads. Not the way "hitting the road" is supposed to be, but the supposedly 'unpeppy' way - on foot- the Gandhigiri style. Most insti inmates prefer to hit the road anonymously - generally hitting the roads late in the evenings when its quite dark and the chances of your recognising another fella are really low until and unless you are hell bent upon doing otherwise. That is when you are straining/rubbing your eyes and posing this query to yourself "Woopsie !! Is it really (s)he who is galloping? GAWD!! i should get closer." But pretty soon you realise that (s)he is a tad too fast for you to do the catching yourself. You then console yourself with the thought,"(s)he sure did look like a raging bull. I wud rather be myself and not make an ass of myself .... gees" ! when deep in your heart even you want to play the raging bull :(. The cricket field has to be seen to be believed. There ongoings don't even come close to that gentelman's game. Some people are stretched out on the coveted 22 yards patch of land which is supposed to be a "pitch". The runners/joggers meanwhile are slogging furiously circumferencing the field taking care not to make an eye contact with anyone in the near vicinity. And i dont know why. Not to be left out are the people who have been inspired by the numerous art of living courses which are mushrooming faster than the coaching courses meant for getting through to the engineering and medical colleges. Alas what i terribly miss is having a Munnabhai inspired "laughter club" inside iit. That would have been beneficial in two ways - for those who joined and for those who refrained and still would end up having the last laugh. But my heart goes out to them who cycle incessantly from their respective hostels to the main gate and back; all the while timing out their journeys. Coming from a cycling veteran, who only recently gave his beloved bicycle a teary farewell, believe me this is the most gruelling and enegy sapping drill. But the sense of achievement and pride is something that has to be felt to be believed. However its the alpha males who are a sight to reckon with; who are far far above such petty running, jogging and aerobic routines. Gym is where the art is. These body brandishing insti inmates are the craziest of the fitness freaks; most of who consider themselves enlightened enough to show the divine light to the poorer souls. If you are unfortunate enough, the enlightment might go on for ages till the time you are rescued by some other unsuspecting innocent soul. Now its his turn to see the divine light.
By now, you must have realised that this post gives vent to my frustration on not being a member of this league of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen. So i am ending this post on a hopeful note .....


SaI KRisHna said...

... u called her a raging bull :)) .... well she surely ws much faster than i cud have ever imagined :P ... sale but is this how u comment :P ... ;) .... hey jogging is fun ... join me even i get the occasional bug bite :P

Anonymous said...

i am someone who is very particular about her gymming n aerobics. And believe me they are so helpful in keeping you fit and healthy and the same time .. works on the psyche. An awesome stress reliever. For someone like you who is so fragile i would request you to join the fray. For in a healthy body stays a helthy mind :D
absolutely fabulous posting :)


Aneesha Pillai said...


I could completely relate...just that I keep switching my stand...One instant I am outrageously freaky about fitness...and other... I am awfully apathetic!!:P

arunabh said...

Well i was being general in my views but since you were thr, u knw very well who my target was/is :D
she wont across this re... hehe
Thanks but no thanks.. am too lazy for the jog
keep visiting :)

hey thanks a lot. never did i say that being a fitness freak is bad for health. i was just lamenting my own inability to be one among the many fitness freaks. matter of fact, i have done one complete course on yoga :D
keep visiting

tht typical human nature for u.. vacillating between the two extremes. When it comes to such fitness regimes, am awfully pathetic :(
thanks n keep visiting.

Deepti said...

yes i totally empathize!!cud never b a part of that brigade that sculpts bodies in the gym... the post is brilliant in the way that it mixes proper bitchiness with ur general frustration... but anyways cheers to sloth!!! and keep the laughs coming... u do that real well!!

Anonymous said...

very very funny man. You do manage the fun element ... nice to be back and reading your blog :)


Anonymous said...

wow !! zing post... luved da way u picturised everything. it was damn kewl .. as if i was a standin witness to all twas happening. ossom. n yesss as deepti ritly pointed out fa oll of us .. keep the laughs coming :D


arunabh said...

'bitchiness' - you actually managed to hit upon the exact word. its rlly frustrating to see people emerge out of gyms dishing out their well toned bodies. and thanks for the rest :)
keep visiting

nice to see you back mate.
make this into a habit :p
keep visiting

hey dudette !! thanks a lot. i never thought tht the depiction was so lively. nice u pointed it out :)
keep visiting :)

Anonymous said...

geees... so sracastic !!
i almost cud feel maself being mocked at .... if i meet u once again. wud give ya a few aerobic.. lessons . me a master at tht u c :p

tulika again

Anonymous said...

the first time that i read your blog and you are impressive. Specially hte sentence consturction is really nice but still there is a lot of scope for improvement. Will tell you when you are on your messeger


Yashika Totlani said...

So you’ve done it again… exploited blogosphere to vent out your frustration about yet another thing. Nice dude. Quick, clever, sharp-witted… had all the ingredients of an entertaining read.

My fav pick-“All incidents mentioned in this post are real and any resemblance to any event/person living are purely deliberate and not at all coincidental.” :)

Coincidental or not… I start with my gym sessions from tomorrow.

Btw, whats the whole deal with gandhigiri and godgiri???

Anonymous said...

oye majak uda rha hai humlogon kaa jo gym jaate hai x-(
lekin accha likha hai dost !

arunabh said...

hurr !! nt sarcastic :P . honest and at best, the outpourings of a frustrated person. and thanks for the aerobics invitation
keep visiting :)

thanks dude. will catch ya on msngr pretty soon :)
keeo visiting :)

well u can tht yet nother outpouring of a demented mind :(
this is the only portal tht affords me to tell-what/how-i-feel. n ppl do nt turn a deaf ear to my cribs ;) good luck for ur gymming classes
"gandhigiri n godgiri" - my latest obsessions
keep visiting :)

thanku dost :)
beech beech mein chk karte rehna :D

Jitin said...

well mr. blogger! i liked this post of urs for it was quite different from others... & also the fact that u used it as a means to vent ur frustation... much like u i m also not a "gym" kind of a guy!!! so i could perfectly relate to it...
gud work again buddy...

Anonymous said...

so sorry for checking out your blog really late :(
Hilarious,as always ! tell you waht, you are getting funnier everyday which makes the wait worth it.
keep blogging and i shall keep commenting. take care :)


arunabh said...

thanks mate again n again :)
keep visiting
wrt my reply to jitin's comment
ditto :P
keep visiting and keep commenting.
and ...sorry :O

exclusively_me said...

im kinda confused!

arunabh said...

about ?? :O