Sunday, January 28, 2007


Its the fourth Techfest at my college that i am a witness to. The one thing that i like about Techfest is that its held during the semester. Unlike Mood I, which is held during the winter break. As a result, i have attended all the four techfests since i landed at iit. But, till date, i have not attended a single MoodI in its entirety. I had the (mis)fortune of attending only 2 Mood I's and on both occasions, it was only on the last two days. Hmm, now let me get back to Techfest. This is the tenth Techfest and by having attended 4 of them, i can definitely claim to have been a part of 'it'.
In my fresher year, when i was just too innocent and naive, i worked as an organiser. Being an organiser means that you get exploited (:D) in every way possible (except perhaps sexually) . The best part is that you realise this only once the fest gets over. And then you are too embarrased to even admit it and dub it as a part of a learning process. Running around for small errands, gatekeeping, bringing food and bisleri bottles, pretending as if you are very busy, trying to strike up a conversation with the girls from outside iit - all form an integral part of an orgy (even the term sounds so demeaning) job.
Once you are in the second year comes the job which is just above an orgy in the job hierarchy at techfest. This time you end up with a an identity card dangling around your neck that loudly proclaims coordinator techfest. Not at all the kind of job that dreams are made of. How different is it from being an 'orgy'? Strikingly different. The orgies (pun intended) are always huddled together while gatekeeping. On the other hand, a coordi stands alone dressed more formally and doing what? Gatekeeping! All the while hoping that the people from outside iit do notice that you are a coordinator and not an organiser. And on top of that, you also expect (how on earth ?? ) the outsiders to understand that a coordi comes above an orgie in the techfest hierarchy. For the insiders- you dont mind for they dont matter. But the coordi job also comes with the kind of 'political ambitions' that an orgi job does not. If you are 'poltu' enough and smart enough to interest the people above you, then you stand a chance - the coveted opportunity of becoming a manager techfest in your third year. More importantly, you should be working with loads of zeal and enthusiasm when 'people who matter' are in the near vicinity. Does this sound like grapes are sour ? Sure does:(
Haan so now onto 'managerial fundaes'. A manager defintely is a very important person. Not because he is so vital to the success of Techfest. That ofcourse is stating the obvious. Important because it gives him such a strong resume point to brag about during job interviews. "I was the MANAGER of such and such Techfest". But since my story ends at being a coordi, so i wont comment- attribute to it to lack of knowledge and partially to 'sour grapes syndrome' :(
Now onto the current Techfest. I am having a dream run over here. Managed to win two techfest tees [definitely the best techfest tees that i have seen to date :) ], one fundoo mousepad and 2 cans of free red bulls. So far so good. I can only hope that today is even better. In lieu of all these goodies, i must admit Techfest roxxx....


Aneesha Pillai said...

CONGRATS ;)...Organising is more fun dan participating..isn't it? I always loved to boss around and get work done from juniors...NJOY!!

Deepti said...

hehehehhee... all the fest politics amazingly captured in ur wonderful style... i hope u keeping getting more goodies and therefore tell us bout more such fests!!! cheers!!

arunabh said...

yeah it sure used to be. but then thts more a product of sloth .. i was just nt willing/enthu/talented enuf to participate :D so took the easier way out- be a part of the team tht organises.

pray tht i keep winning and thn accolades will keep flowing. but the vital question remains.. will you ? :P

Anonymous said...

ok Mr Arunabh Sinha, his highness tell me something. According to you, Is there anything that comes anywhere near to good ? You can criticise anything and everything that one can think of:P But fine i really like you that way. It makes the wait for your blog much more exciting. i almost daily check your blog link to see for any updates. and this one was also wonderful :). Keep writing and keep maintaining this innocence in whatever you write
cheers sweetie

JITIN said...

So its techfest time there... & u know what we all friends here were also planning to attend mood indigo... but unfortunately it was scrapped at the last moment... now abt ur post: it was gr8 to hear ur description of those hierarchy levels... could perfectly relate with u as i myself hv been part of organising team twice... it is real fun... & as always ur USP: that humorous touch rocks just like ur fest!!! Hope i myself could be a part of it one day!!!

exclusively_me said...

did the t-shirts proclaim ur "designation" at the tech fest??

Yashika Totlani said...

Quite an insight into the workings of iit-b's techfest. Well written... though the word 'orgy' could have been excluded. Typical 'arunabhgiri' with the crticism n wisecracks. My fav pick-

"Being an organiser means that you get exploited (:D) in every way possible (except perhaps sexually)."

Though I sincerely hope you didnt mean it :P

Also, cant believe that you were so excited about the tees n the mouse pad n the bulls that you actually decided to blog about it! Go park avenue! We smile with you... keep up the good work. One thing was noticable... the rhythm. Seemed the whole post came out in one smooth wave...

arunabh said...

thts my USP ..criticising everything under the sun ;) and you dont have to keep checking my blog link everyday.. will tell u wen something's up. innocence is ingrained.. wont have to work on maintaining it :p
keep visiting :)
hey then why dint u ppl make it ? am pretty sure sush n bedi must have also been thr. we wud have had loads of time try turning up n giving me the pleasure to play the host
keep visiting :)

all the tshirts proclaimed was
'yes i was there' !! sad part is they dint even declare that i won them.. might mislead ppl into believing so many things ;)
keep visiting :)

i like telling things as they are..
so used 'orgy'. For the exploitation part..who knows :D
Winning is believing x-( If you had won the tees n mouse pads, then you wud have believed . Thanks for the Mr Park Avenue. Thanks for all the other 'rythmic' accolades
keep visiting :)

Anonymous said...

is the scenario really that grim ?
or is it just that you are exaggerating. But despite that good reading


Anonymous said...

what a fantasic post this turned out to be :) people have already praised this so much i hardly got anything else to say. i sum up all the feelings as satirical,amazing,witty, bold and a little 'kinky' :D


SaI KRisHna said...

sala dont boast about ur tees ....unless i see for myself i really doubt if u managed to keep atleast even one from getting snatched away :P .... and u ultimately came down to placement politics .... all roads lead to rome... hai na !!!

arunabh said...

take it with a pinch of salt. A combo of fact n fiction
keep visiting :)

Then lemme thank you for all the praises. keep visiting :)

Bastard !! i was wearing one to the class yday itself x-( how come u dint notice :P
as far as the blame of 'politicisation' is concerned, you understand and can always explain it better- the BAAP of them all ;)
keep visiting :)

Jitin said...

ya buddy... i will try my best to be at the techfest next time around with subi & bedi...

Anonymous said...

Zooooooooo zorry fur checkin out da post so late..wz laid down by another (now so usual..hai naa ? ) bout of llnezz. i knw nt waat techfest iz..but campus politics(tho moderate) iz zumthing ths bugging. so liked the way u mawcked n as u wud zay...fundooooooz!! :)
n chillz sweetie ;)


RGI Works said...

neat work, very descriptive and informative...

much like a content writer.... haahaha

bottom line__________ i like it..

arunabh said...

wotz ailing u ladiez :P :O
keep vizitingz :)

thanks mate and keep visiting :)

sid said...

abe....yeh sab likhne ke baad tu kaise treat maang sakta hai

Siddharth Joshi

arunabh said...

maine likha toh hai hi ' grapes are sour' x-(

kpowerinfinity said...

was it techfest as in techfest?

arunabh said...

ammusing coinage :)
but it sure was.. TECHFEST. iit bombay's annual technical festival
keep visiting :)

aditi said...
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arunabh said...

thanks a lot :)
and expect a comment on your blog soon..