Monday, September 11, 2006

Examination blues

I had decided against posting on my blog for this week atleast. With exams going on i didn't want to end up getting bugged by pangs of moral conscience. The kind that probes much deeper into a form of guilt that is much more difficult to understand- existential guilt. But even new habits don't die that easy. Unable to resist the creative juices that start flowing whenever i am in the midst of an examination season - i am back to blogging. Haven't given much thought to any corny topic over the weekend, so i am changing track and talking about exams - my tribute to the dreaded "muggai" period that last aeons in a student's life. Here are three real life believers on the ideology of we-mug-only during-exams. Result is that such people end up getting together and brainstorming over a cup of divinely tasteless and watery coffee. Putting up an unusual night out. A night out with a difference - they are delving into their courses. The pathetic state of "study room" and the more pathetic and disshevelled state of the room owners will give you enough indication of how much midnight oil has been burnt.
Why even half an hour, where yours truly is trying to work out a solution to overcome the ordeal of having to sit through the excruciating two hours period inside the examination hall, becomes so demanding. Ideas like bunking the exams and squeezing out a medical certi from the hospital gets summarily rejected. Fishing out previous years question papers is too taxing a job . Cheating doesn't get discussed because the biggest problem that would surface is "who helps who?".The other two disinterested fellas meanwhile look skywards/ceilingwards seeking the never materialising divine intervention. An hour or so is what it takes for the realisation to dawn upon the now enlightened men - the realisation that the course content is a goliath in front of the three davids. Now putting any semblance of an effort would be in vain. The three then sit together taking a solemn vow -"Enough of fooling around with acads and screwing up our lives. We shall get organised from the next time onwards". Feeling totally drained out, its time for canteen. The three make a royal exit from the temporarily created study room - We shall overcome, we shall overcome - some day! That someday .....


Anonymous said...

hey where am I in the pic..its really bad to have a cam ..u never get posted..and i will surely start taking my future seriously....ya of course someday!!

Yashika said...

Rename your post as "candid expressions"...
By far the best post on your blog! So sententiously framed the exam-time-blues and the "i'll-definitely-study-seriously-from-next-time-on" syndrome into a simple post... Though the pic is a result of some obvious, genuine efforts ;)

Quoting you: "The other two disinterested fellas meanwhile look skywards/ceilingwards seeking the never materialising divine intervention."---- Guffaws man! How constructive! Always a pleasure reading (and relating!) to ur posts!

And seems blogging definitely proving therapeutic/cathartic, huh? Fighting/curing the exam-woes... Great going!

Anonymous said...

i take a bow before thee ! As the previous commenter has put it aptly - the best post on your blog. So typical of students living in hostels. i myself have lived through this phase of life and can so well get back to those days through this post. and you have put it in such a lively manner.

ps: i came across your blog mainly because i just got a laptop and was randomly reading. you are overall so funny. nice to come across such people.

~ misha

Anonymous said...

u looking bloody serious bout acads in the pic. overall a guddie guddie posting ... tho the room looks too crowded for just 3 ppl. how goin ur major life fuckin exams ?


Deepti said...

hahahhahaaa... are v glad or wat ur creative juices started overflowing... brought us this superbly funny post... completely agree with all those syndromes!!! keep up the good work :)

siddharth_mohan said...

i never thought that even the iitians resort to tricks like last minutes study n all. But then being in the best institute in the world should also carry its own responsibilities. Its high time people from iit start getting more serious about their acads. You should justify the pay package that come your way.

Sai said...

he he .... need i comment ... i bow to thee ... highest scorer of SPM !!!

ankoor said...

let the creative juices flow
i wait for the mid-sems to go
coz thats when the we party again
and relax till end-sem pain :-S

arunabh said...

thanx a ton !!
caught ?? yeah actually the effort was genuine but then it spruced up things a bit. guess my coactors dint do their job too well :d. and tonnes squared thanx for finding that line so hilarious. and no blogging not proving cathartic :( . i ended up screwing yet another midsem. keep visiting :) this is somethin that i learnt after visiting a few blog like yours :d

how thankful i am for your kindness
keep visiting

look - more often than not are deceptive :d

well i got it now !! i am funny :d
guess how many people who know me will agree with that :p. exams can do strange things to otherwise normal people and i well n truly believe in that hypothesis. thanx and keep paying my blog a visit :)

arunabh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
arunabh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
arunabh said...

my serious objections - neither do i get ne special treatment being an iitian nor am i goin to end up with some hefty pay package :x. and i am just getting bugged with the system n all .. just can't help :)

i said naa - no thanx and no bowing.
just a double cup @ shack shud do :d n yeah keep visiting ;)

have the midsems brought the poet hidden deep within you or was it just the lack of a blog that had curbed your creativity ?? keep visting

prachi said...

Think this time i am really late on your blog visit. God! mine is gonna be the 14th one -- poor finish :p
fantastic description but i always thought that iitians must be somehow different from the other student species. mugging all the year round - gave me a fresh angle to look at lives and may be make a short film out of it :d and another pic.. you keep changing in all your pics ? so disorganised and all ? though the pics definitely help making the post look more attractive .


sairah said...

That was such a funny narrative. It left me laughing for a long long time
And without your help i managed to discover you on orkut. You got a funny profile :p

arunabh said...

people are strange when u are a stranger :) so good tht all ur doubts and misconceptions have been addressed through this posting of mine. keep visting

thanx a lot. but as for my profile goes is it really funny. think i need to rewrite it :p

Anonymous said...

hey good post.the other guys in the pic look somewhat seem to be teaching them:p.
but as you said looks are deceptive then u must be "bullshitting".
keep blogging nerd:P

Anonymous said...

man ..when did this migration take place ? had been visiting ur livejournal blog all the while looking for updates. shud have informed me. but then u ......
still here i am . will keep visiting
good beginning and sustain the momentum

yours truly

ps: and this one is just too much read a blog :p

arunabh said...

yeah u hit the point anonymously. the "bulsshitting" comprised pouring in with possible nonworkable ideas like lets-ditch-for-the-medcerti or novel n innovative methods of cheating/fooling examiners.
"nerd" ?? - u inside iit ?

profuse aplologies. all the while i had been thinking tht u had an idea bout the migration. gud now tht u r finally here :)

yashika said...

Lemme reiterate the fact: NICE POST!