Saturday, September 16, 2006

Post examination blues :(

What man proposes God disposes ! There is so much indigestible and stinking truth in this lets-call-it-hypothesis. And somehow HE has ensured that every man learns this lesson the hardest way possible. Murphy was in this sense a genius. He elevated himself to God's plane of thinking and came up with the now too much used/heard/written Murphy's Law. "If something has to go wrong it certainly will!". The sardonic law which choses the most unexpected moments to establish its identity. I guess the almost morose tone which this posting of mine has taken right from the beginning, must have provided you ample hints about the shape this post of mine is going to take. Another heart beating, gut wrenching, self pitying, full of shades of mediocrity posting in the offer? Unfortunately, you are bang on target.
But then its not my fault. Somehow things don't seem to be willing to go along as per my wish - not atleast this semester. How else can you explain the vicissitudes of Mumbai's weather? As long as the midsemester exams were on, the weather Gods were smiling on Mumbai showering all their love and affection in bountiful. Clear skies with the sun shining in all its possible pristine glory. Shining and yet not hot - just the optimal warmth a normal person desires and the kind of warmth that an examinee doesn't give a damn about. Do exams and weather have any correlation ? Its perfectly allright till about 4pm in the evening on Friday. Then clouds - dark and threatening, start looming over the horizon. By the time its 4:30 and midsems have somehow crawled away, it starts to drizzle. Wow !! we are all so delighted. The weather is going to be perfect for another post inconsequential-midsems outing. Ideas come thick and fast. Lets go trekking (am dead set against this and somehow manage to get it khatched). Munnabhai ?? This finds the maximum takers. Treat (the scary kinds where nobody treats anybody) at all the possible nooks and corners of Mumbai are discussed.I propose Juhu beach. The idea generates scorns and contorted faces. Enough hints to convey that nobody is really interested. Meanwhile it has already started raining cats and dogs. The dark clouds have become darker (for the want of a better word) and then the darkest one can imagine. All ideas get trashed. Now even getting back to the totally unwelcoming confines of our rooms becomes a tough ask. For me its going to be a Herculean task as my hostel is in the remotest corner of the institute ( No! hostels aren't allotted on the basis of merit and all. Pure luck or the lack of it dictates allottment). The others quickly slip away leaving me to fend for myself. I cycle as fast as a Lance Armstrong inspired amateur can. Rain Gods decide to have a laugh at my expense. Totally drenched, i am back to my room. Cribbing and complaining to almost anybody in sight. My comp meanwhile choses this as the opportune moment to play the truant. Even the last hope evaporates - i hit the bed all soaked and wet. It rains the whole night I wake up early to another wet saturday morning. The weather Gods do not relent the whole day. So even a saturday is washed off .. condemned to life inside the room with a devilish comp for company. And the omens are not really good. Guess i am in for another sunday, bloody sunday.


prachi said...

You continue choosing one unexpected topic after another. And still manage to write something :p. Just wondering if raincoats and umbreaallas aren't allowed inside IIT ?? roaming around while its raining is the kind of fun i always long for. And Munnabhai would have been a fun - all you needed was the will :p

Anonymous said...

fundoooo posting =)) =))

Anonymous said...

How bad i chked the previous rocking post of yours so late naa ??
Even this one is distinct in that its so different n tackles such an issue.
Yeah i came to know about the mumbai rains thru the idiot box and i fully sympathise with your fate. Just go on and watch Munnabhai. Why dont you go on an outing to some place like Lonavala ??

ps: no pics this time ? :(

Anonymous said...

hey btw that was me :d


Yashika said...

Now rename blog as: "Fits of anger/depression/frustration"! Ok, kidding! Now as I keep saying, you are unassumingly funny. Let me substantiate: (quoting you:)

1.'Totally drenched, i am back to my room. Cribbing and complaining to almost anybody in sight.'

2.'So even a saturday is washed off .. condemned to life inside the room with a devilish comp for company.'

Really funny! As Vijay has rightly said: Fundoo post! Man, god bless you for making us all laugh SO much! NO, not laughing at ur 'misery' or anything... just praising your excellent choice of topics(the last two have been awesome!) and well written posts! Your comp woes have made us all laugh so much! And the silver lining on the cloud: EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER! CHEER UP! :)

Yashika said...

Oh, forgot, I was looking forward to a pic :( Adds more zing to ur post!
See you've disappointed poor Ruchika too!

Deepti said...

see, now u know why i believe in that line, 'life's a bitch'? bby rains, now i miss that, damned del is so dry... i am so glad u shared ur experiences of how the rain played wet blanket :)i had fun reading this!!

arunabh said...

yeah yeah raincoats n umbrellas are very much allowed inside iit. but dont you think they act as real dampers to the festive spirit. You do have to carry them along and there is at always at the back of ur head - hope i dont forget them. And still, more often than not you end up forgetting :(

keep visting man :)

for a while i did consider putting up pics of the dark, scary mumbai clouds to spruce up things. but then i said hell no !! people visit my blog for what i write and not for the pics . guess i was wrong :(

the alternative names that you come up with for my postings are creatively funny !! Well thanx for invoking the Almighty's blessings for me - even i sometimes wonder
am i really so funny ?? but then as you say. thanx a lot. n you know now why i dint put up the pics :(
haan gud thing is the darned exams are over

yes not only a wet blanket - even a wet mattress + wet bed + wet seeping walls + wet slippery floors :d:d
very corny rite ??
and a life inside the room amidst all this wetness and yet another exams tht dint quite .... :((

Hg said...

Yeah I sympathise. I hate it when it rains like its been doing this year.

But Look at it this way... soon the sun will be out and its going to be too hot. Simply too hot. This is much better!

Sai said...

awesome one ... i could imagine chhotu cycling away from the wrath of the coulds ... contrary to your perception i was damn happy to see the rains ... it made my trek awesome ... have uploaded the pics on the blog ... hope next time u are with us with the rain gods below the levem of ur feet .... cheers ... todays dinner was heavy and the mocha avalance even more ;) !!!!

arunabh said...

i have been through more torrid n humid summers than the ones @mumbai.
So mumbai summer isn't that big a deal. Matter of fact, i simply love the summers - it makes you so active n vibrant :)

Well i dint like the name you used for the cyclist bastard :x
typical mumbaikar bey -- ready to even support mumbai's abnormal rains. And man the dinner was just toooooooooo much - i skipped today's breakfast n lunch cos am still feeling so full :( hope to be thr when u plan for a beachy outing :p

Nayan said...
check this one

Anonymous said...

nice and innovative posting. Hope there are more such postings in the pipeline. The humor quotient seems to be multiplying with time.
Man this blog is really well read :)

yours truly

Anonymous said...

well little late in reading the blog..but well on time. Were they really the post examination blues!! I mean if i remember the saturdays were being washed and the clouds dangled on all sundays even before the midsems. The only difference i cud c was the "pressure diference" between pre and post midsem. And most important does it matter to you..coz you have been the guy behind the doors since begining. But ofcourse ur blog shows me a ray for another fanatic being on floor.
ur friendly neighbourhood!!

arunabh said...

hey babs
since when did you start venturing out of the confines of ur room to notice who else exists/doesn't exist on the floor?:P as for me my room is almost alien to me.. am hardly ever thr :(
n thanx doe providing me with a friendly neighbourhood :d

Kakaruknkus said...

hey btw that was me :d ~ruchika